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Data Mining Vs Data Visualization – Which One Is Better

January 7, 2018 ADMIN 15 COMMENTS

What is Data Mining and Data Visualization?

Data forms an integral part of any business operation, from education to retail to healthcare, the importance of data cannot be undermined. The process of delving through the data to decipher outcomes and predict future trends has a long history. With the passage of time, it has expanded and with the surge of latest technologies like Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Visualization we have seen the surge of Data sciences.

Two aspects of Data Science, i.e., Data Mining, and Data Visualization

Both these domains are an interdisciplinary field of computer science having statistics, computing, mathematics and several technical processes including different methodologies.

What is Data Mining?

Data Mining involves running and screening of data using various mathematical and statistical tools to extract data pattern out of the accumulated data. It includes processes like Data Extraction, Data Management, Data Transformation and Pre-processing of Data. The term Data mining was coined in the year 1990s.

Data Mining has three pillars:

  • Statistics- It involves the numeric study of the data relationship
  • Machine Learning- It involves an algorithm which can help you learn from data to make predictions
  • Artificial Intelligence- It is about the display of human-like intelligence by machines or software

Machine Learning is an integral part of Data

Machine learning is the science of creating algorithms and programs for a system which can learn on their own from the set of data. Some of the typical applications of machine learning include credit scoring, recommender system, fraud deletion, stock trading, drug design, spam filter, etc.

What is Data Visualization?

When it comes to Data Visualization, then it is a bit simpler than Data Mining. Visualization of data makes it easy for the person to understand it. There are various modes of Data Visualization adopted by the companies including pie charts, graphs, statistical representation, bar graphs, etc.

The primary objective of Data Visualization is conveying information clearly and efficiently in the form of information graphs, plots, and statistical graphs.

The crux of the matter is that both Data Mining and Data Visualization play a key role in interpreting data and conveying the message. Whereas Data Mining can be considered to be a more in-depth analysis, Data Visualization is a pictorial representation of data to simplify the understanding of information.

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