Risk Analytics


What is Risk analytics ?

Many businesses find they lack the analytics expertise to fully exploit internal and external sources of risk data. Many more struggle to build a clear, comprehensive view of risks, as data remains siloed within business functions. Often there is a need to find the “unknown unknowns” within data to get to the heart of the problem. For regulated industries, where companies have obligations to report regularly using complex risk models, there are substantial penalties for getting it wrong.

Using data and analytics, we help you answer questions like:

  • How can we better understand various external and internal factors that have an impact on risk and investment?
  • How do we validate whether our risk models are effective?
  • How can we better manage pricing and cost fluctuation risks and their impact on our balance sheet?
  • How do we identify and manage the key risks in our supply chain?
  • How can we better understand potential risk by utilizing more holistic information about our business?
  • How can we use our data to better optimise risk management processes and technology?