SAS Enterprise Guide


SAS Enterprise Guide training is for those users who do not have SAS programming experience but need to access,

manage, and summarize data from different sources, and present results in tables and graphs.

This training focuses on using the menu-driven tasks in SAS Enterprise Guide, the point-and-click

interface to SAS, to create queries and reports.


Introducing SAS Enterprise Guide :

  • Working with Data in a Project
  • introduction to tabular data
  • accessing local data
  • accessing remote data
  • importing text files
  • editing tables in the Data Grid (self-study)

Getting Started with Tasks :

  • introduction to tasks and wizards
  • creating a frequency report
  • generating HTML, PDF, and RTF output
  • creating a listing report
  • filtering data in a task
  • creating a graph

Creating Simple Queries :

  • introduction to querying data
  • filtering and sorting data
  • creating new columns with an expression
  • grouping and summarizing data in a query
  • joining tables
  • joining tables including nonmatching rows (self-study)
  • creating new columns by recoding values (self-study)

Creating Summarized Output :

  • generating summary statistics
  • creating and applying custom formats
  • creating a summary report with the Summary Tables task
  • creating a summary report with the List Report Wizard (self-study)

Using Prompts in Tasks and Queries :

  • prompting in projects
  • creating and using prompts in tasks
  • creating and using prompts in queries

Working with Results and Automating Projects :

  • customizing the output style
  • combining results
  • updating results