About Us

A data science organization with a vision of corporate training and consultancy based in Delhi/Ncr. Since our conception in 2009, we have become an eminent institution in the country for our expertise, methodology, and effectiveness. We stepped into the training industry with the vision of providing professional and world class training to corporate workers looking to accelerate their careers towards the success that they envision for themselves by teaching them some vitally useful skills, for which we guide their way to a certification.

We focus on several momentous knowledge-bases in the present day corporate world, including but not limited to data science, SAS, SAS with predictive analysis, statistical modelling, R with predictive analysis, big data hadoop, hadoop analytics using Spark SparkR and Spark Python, Advanced Excel, Analytics using VBA, R analytics, and Python Analytics. These are skills which IT professionals invariably encounter in the corporate world and having certifications from eminent organizations vouching for their prowess in these areas significantly increases their chances of landing an excellent job in the market.

We routinely polish and update our team which consists only of the top and most reputable personnel in their specified fields. Our teachers and consultants have years of experience and pristine credentials that puts them in the perfect position to impart their knowledge, understanding, and skills to students. Our teachers are resourceful and keen on taking up new challenges and conquering them.

Aside of teaching, we also carry out several high-level consultancy services for the top clients in the industry. Since our conception, our clients have included UHG, EXL Services, American Express, WNS, EIL, Aviva, TCS, Accenture, and several others. Our peerless services and professionalism draws us to our clients and forms everlasting bonds with them. Over the years, we have seen our company grow from a small and inchoate organisation to an institution that makes a firm and bold statement of perfection.

Our motto is that a strong know how of the technical background of our courses, elaborate experience in the IT industry, and the ability to unequivocally phrase a complex technical idea are bound to deliver the best results when it comes to training young individuals. We take pride in our ability to throttle a person’s career and send them soaring up to positions that many only dream of. Our hope for the future is that we gain nationwide prominence for our training and consultancy, and that we expand to branches around the nation that serve as reputable and dependable organisations.